Alien - sleek Wav/Flac player with a solid CNC aluminium housing with hairline surface treatment and navigation of great simplicity.


“One can furnish a room very luxuriously by taking out furniture rather than putting it in.”    

1876. Francis Jourdain. 


No OS, no fancy UI, no memory in-built & no card reading circuit. All we can give you is the best replay quality we can squeeze out for the price, meticulously tuned for best performance with modern in ear earphones or small headphones.

8 hours runtime per charge, featuring a shock resistance clock design and high-grade battery for clean power and reliability., plus self-written program for best resources allocation within the structure.




File support : 16 & 24bit wav and flac files at 44.1khz

Headphone impedance range: 832 Ohms

Signal to Noise Ratio: >98dB

Output Power2*55mW16 Ohms

Battery runtime:~ 8 hours

Charging Time:~ 1 - 2 hours

External power supply5V DC